Collaborate with experts on real-life challenges.

Our Online Mentorship Program is an extended interactive program which gives students the opportunity to apply their skills and interests as they collaborate alongside leaders for social innovation in the Philippines, and South-East Asia.

Programs Highlights

Learn about a variety of topics around sustainability through for and nonprofit approaches

Diverse Themes 

And Speakers

Network with key leaders for positive impact - NGO representatives, Social Entrepreneurs, Corporate experts, local and international students...

Network and


Create and implement your own CAS project

Bridge knowledge and practical experience when learning, meeting and collaborating with experts on real-life challenges



Ideate, design and prototype innovative solutions and get professional feedback

Learn About 


Business Models

How it works

  1. Learn the fundamentals of a certain theme through the eyes of leaders for social innovation via mentor interactions & online course material.

  2. Interact with leaders for social innovation. Gain professional, practical experience helping these changemakers solve an existing business problem. Gain a fulfilling consulting experience.

  3.  Get personal mentor feedback! Students will reflect on the course’s impact on their professional careers, and hopefully become inspired to Make a Difference themselves


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Student Testimonials

Mehda, ESSEC Business School

According to me, one of the differences between an enterprise and social enterprise is the extra effort that a social entrepreneur makes to empathize with its employees, customers, and environment. This is something I learned from the interactions with 5 social entrepreneurs, and MAD’s programme made it possible. 


In this programme I learnt the right mix of business skills and the correct meaning of sustainability. Because of MAD I got a chance to work with MAGWAI, a reef-safe sunscreen brand that is committed to save marine life in the Philippines and learn from the challenges that a social enterprise faces



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