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Initially founded in 2015 as a social, sustainable tourism enterprise, we have already inspired thousands of young people from around the world to make a difference in the Philippines. 


While our in-country tours are currently on hold due to the pandemic, our vision is to offer ‘hybrid’ tours in the future, with our online programs the ideal complement to an in-country visit - whether ‘going MAD’ in the Philippines or via one of our travel partners elsewhere in South-East Asia.

Our in-country tours are educational experiences in the Philippines where participants meet communities and leaders for social innovation in their environment. We will organise all the logistics - from classes to transport and accommodation - so students can focus on immersing with the Filipino culture.

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Why "go MAD" in the Philippines?

  • Sustainable Destinations 
    With 7 key locations across the Philippines.


  • Our Personnel 
    Highly trained personnel with a background in education.


  • Industry Partnerships 
    Connections to industry partners across non-profit, public and private sectors.

Our Flagship Tours

Tribes and Treks in Zambales

In the Zambales province, three hours north of Metro Manila,  there is an indigenous tribe whose life was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. The eruption denuded the tribe's land and left it poor and unproductive for decades, forcing them to resort to illegal logging. This was once a thriving rainforest that sustained the local tribes – we aim to bring it back.

Every weekend, MAD Travel brings guests who plant trees to reforest the land and experience the culture of the tribe. The community earns income as local tour guides, chefs, and cultural performers, and by selling their own products.

Explore a different Bohol

The 42 families in the village of Maribojoc (Bohol island) were severely affected by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2013 that destroyed more than 3000 houses. Gawad Kalinga, a leading Filipino NGO which has built over 2,500 colorful and peaceful communities all over the Philippines, helped the community to rebuild their home and improve their livelihood.


Venture off the well-worn track and discover the other side to this beautiful island. Visit the community, connect with the locals, feed the animals in the organic farm, and experience Filipino hospitality at its finest.

Groups We've Journeyed With





Previous Student Contributions


+ Worked with the community to ideate, produce and market  their own Peanut Butter livelihood initiative.   


+ Developed a social tourism program for the community homestay program in the community ranked among the most popular aspects of the trip

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How it works ?

1. Choose your destination

Manila, Bohol, Bulacan, Rizal, Bataan, Zambales.​

2. Design your itinerary 


Understand the cultural and historical context of the Philippines in relation to fighting poverty. Students will immerse in a community and also learn the design thinking methodology. 


CREATE  Days 4-9

Discover Business Solutions to Social and Environmental Problems. Students will meet social entrepreneurs from across the Philippines and understand their business models. 


ACT  Days 10-16

From inspiration, to Action. Students will now become social entrepreneurs themselves - in groups, working in teams to develop a specific solution for a local social enterprise.    



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