A meaningful and interactive CAS experience for students.

Our Online Exchange Program in Social Entrepreneurship allows students to meet the seven learning outcomes of CAS, get expert mentorship, merge with creativity, gain global experience and apply practical skills to real-life situations.

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How it works

Numerous Social Entrepreneurs (SEs) will offer different CAS Projects, under the themes Advocacy, Awareness or Action and linked to specific industries and/or SDGs.

Each CAS Project may directly assist the social enterprise (in the form of a volunteering mission) or be an independent project, guided by the social entrepreneur. 

You will learn about social innovation in the Philippines through interactions with entrepreneurs. By the end of stage 1, you will be asked to select the social enterprise you want to work with on a specific CAS Project

Introduction to Social Innovation and Networking with Social Entrepreneurs


Create and implement your own CAS project

You will acquire the knowledge and tools to develop your own CAS Project in a group. You will launch and manage your social impact/CAS project, and present progress reports on what you have been doing for your volunteering mission. 


You will receive ongoing feedback and mentorship from your social innovator.


Create and implement your own CAS project

Create and implement your own CAS project

Doing good is achievable for anyone and can impact numerous people, including yourself. As such you will be asked to assess tour project and reflect on whether you want to apply what you learn in your future life.

Assess your project and self-reflect


Start your journey with us today.

Student Testimonials

Mehda, ESSEC Business School

According to me, one of the differences between an enterprise and social enterprise is the extra effort that a social entrepreneur makes to empathize with its employees, customers, and environment. This is something I learned from the interactions with 5 social entrepreneurs, and MAD’s programme made it possible. 


In this programme I learnt the right mix of business skills and the correct meaning of sustainability. Because of MAD I got a chance to work with MAGWAI, a reef-safe sunscreen brand that is committed to save marine life in the Philippines and learn from the challenges that a social enterprise faces



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