A unique CAS Journey

Following the CAS stages, we collaborate with social innovators and local field experts to enable students to investigate local issues, create and demonstrate viable solutions, and reflect on their individual journeys. Our approach maximizes on the interaction with partner communities and innovators so that students gain a unique global experience through local practice.

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More than just volunteering

Longer volunteering projects are not only reserved for schools with CAS Programs in their curriculum. Our belief in meaningful partnerships and collaboration extends to any school that wants to engage its students in real-life problems they can help address.


We can assign your class an expert mentor who will connect you to the relevant social enterprises and organizations in the Philippines, Malaysia, or Vietnam. Based on your students’ interests and skill sets, we will assign them to a volunteer project placement with a specific organization. Our MAD mentors will guide them through weeks of interaction and collaboration with their assigned organization to ensure that they reach their project goal.

Watch one of our volunteer student’s project!

A pair of high school students partnered with an urban community in Metro Manila to address the country-wide school closures by creating virtual lessons for pre-school children in the community (aged 5-7).